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Why do you need a professional pressure washing service?
A little oil spillage on your drive doesn’t mean it’s time for new block paving. Nor does a bit of moss on your patio mean it’s time for new slabs. Whether it’s a driveway, patio area, path or terrace you require restoring, we can get it back to its best –  From grubby to gleaming. Snow White Professionals‘ cold water high-pressure cleaners reach very high performance. Reliability and economy levels with a water flow of up to 700 litres per hour and up to 120 bar pressure. We supply a professional, high-quality brick-and-stone patio and driveway cleaning service, guaranteed to leave your deck clean and dirt-free. SWP’s brick-and-stone patio and drive cleaning service involves using high-pressurised water jetting equipment, which will remove all the dirt and weeds. Providing the answer to many kinds of problems, we can quickly and easily remove stains, unsightly weeds, moss, lichen and algae and remedy problems caused by the weather. In addition, our professional jet washing service will also solve the problem of discolouration, restoring your driveway, patio and walls to their original condition and improving your property’s overall appearance.

Driveway and patio cleaning services aren’t just about appearance, though. We can also make your patios, paths, and driveways safer using professional jet washers. As well as being unsightly, algae and moss-covered patios, trails, and driveways can become dangerous if not maintained. Especially true in winter; by washing away algae and moss, we can stop the surfaces around your property from becoming slippery.

Driveway and Patio pressure washing Cleaning in Kingston upon Thames, SW London and Surrey by Snow White Professionals
Roof Pressure Washing Services in Kingston upon Thames, SW London and Surrey - Snow White Professionals

Professional pressure washing staff:

Snow White’s pressure washing staff can blast your patio with high-pressurized water, enabling us to remove all dirt on your patio/drive and restore it to its former glory. We provide all the equipment needed so you must not worry about anything.

We can guarantee that we will be able to leave your brick-and-stone patio clean and back to how it was when you first had it. We are also able to clean your patio without the use of chemicals.

After the cleaning has been finished: We recommend spraying with weed killer to prevent weeds from re-growing if there are any on your patio/drive.

Allow us to restore your driveways and patios to their best with our professional jet washing and pressure cleaning service. Why fork out a fortune to re-lay your drive or put down a new patio when we can refurbish it back to its original condition for a fraction of the price?

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