Handyman Kingston: Handyman Services in Kingston upon Thames and Surrey


Handyman Kingston: Handyman services in Kingston upon Thames


Electrician Services in Kingston upon Thames

Plumbing & Heating

Pluming and Heating Services in Kingston Upon Thames

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Painter & Decorator Services in Kingston Upon Thames

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Tiler services in Kingston upon Thames, London

SwProfessionals.co.uk provide a wide variety of handyman repairs, furthermore maintenance and odd jobs.

Types of professional repairs and improvement, also replacements and installations that our handymen can do for you:

  • Mirror fitting and mounting shelves
  • TV mounting and TV hanging service
  • Replace weather stripping of an exterior door and install kick plate.
  • Cable tidying. Tidy away cables for one workstation.
  • Replace ceiling tile, also cut ceiling tile to fit and replace. Seal around windows and doors.
  • Fix toilet seat. Furthermore fit new toilet seat. Fix door handles and locks
  • Adjust cupboard door hinges. Also replace cabinet handles and knobs.
  • Fit baby proof catch, baby gate and stair gate. Also Install bath screens.
  • Curtain fitting and installation services. Furthermore blind fitting.
  • Flooring such as floor fitting and floor installation. Floor sending and sealing. Also floor polish.
  • Plumbing and heating services in London. Simple and more complex jobs. Furthermore in addition gas related plumbing.
  • Electrical services for Kingston and London. Most of all light repairs, oven, hood and other installation. Simple and more complicated jobs that require a certified electrician.
  • Renovating service and furniture assembly.
  • Fixing cracks in ceilings and walls.
  • Painting and decorating. Also tiling, plastering and skimming. In addition, sealing, grouting and wall boarding.
  • Carpentry – simple and more complex jobs, but no roofing (because roofing is part of builders services). Furthermore wood framing and construction carpentry jobs.
  • Odd jobs – the simple tasks that anyone can do but doesn’t have the time or has other constraints.
Handyman service in Kingston upon Thames, London

Our property improvement and repair services in Kingston upon Thames and Surrey are available round the whole year. So if you want to, we can send the same handyman to your property every time. If a handyman is not available or cannot come to do the tasks for you, we will find a substitute immediately. In addition, every odd job man is educated, well-trained and experienced. Consequently if you need one or more of these tasks done in your property, or require other handyman assistance, book our professional service now

Handymen in Kingston upon Thames – The Snow White Professional team:

✔ Trained to the Snow White Professional’s standards

✔ All professionals are fully insured

✔ Using professional grade tools and equipment

✔ Supplying high quality building materials

Snow White Professionals team

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