Gardening Services in Kingston upon Thames part of London and Surrey


We offer professional cleaning services in Kingston upon Thames, London and Surrey Scarifying Scarification is a very important lawn operation and should only be completed with a professional machine. A scarifier is a powerful machine that removes the thatch layer, organic matter and debris between the lower leaf level of the lawn. It also removes…

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Trimming of borders/edges

We offer professional cleaning services in Kingston upon Thames, London and Surrey Trimming of borders/edges Garden lawns have to stop at some point, often causing a minor problem as to how to end or edge yourgarden with yourlawn. Much will depend upon the style of your garden, but you will also have to take into…

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Gutter Cleaning

We offer professional cleaning services in Kingston upon Thames, London and Surrey Gutter Cleaning Ensuring your gutters are clear and clean is an important part of your homes weatherproofing & waterproofing system. Debris can collect in the gutters. Grass, moss and even birds nest can frequently be found to be the cause of blockage to…

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Pressure Washing

We offer professional pressure washing services in Kingston upon Thames and Surrey Patio, Driveway, Balcony , Wall and Decking Cleaning A little oil spillage on your drive doesn’t mean it’s time for new block paving, and nor does a bit of moss on your patio mean it’s time for new slabs. From grubby to gleaming, whether…

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Hedge Cutting / Trimming

Professional hedge cutting / trimming services in Kingston upon Thames and Surrey Hedge Cutting/Trimming Hedges can be difficult to keep under control yourself. Keep your hedges looking neat and tidy with a regular cut.  Ideally twice a year without the summer period. We have a very good reputation for working to high standards in order…

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Garden Maintenance

Professional garden maintenance services in Kingston upon Thames and Surrey Gardeden Maintenance A garden maintenance should be used as a service all year around. As an extension of your home or business it is important to give it some attention to keep it at its best no matter the season. Large or small, there are joys and…

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Green Waste Clearance

We offer professional cleaning services in Kingston upon Thames, London and Surrey GREEN WASTE CLEARANCE Snow White Gardeners offer a complete garden green waste removal and disposal service. Performing gardening activities at your property often require waste disposal because of the left over materials. Snow White Gardeners offers you fast and professional garden waste clearance and outdoor junk…

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Mowing/Grass cutting

We offer professional cleaning services in Kingston upon Thames, London and Surrey Mowing/Grass cutting To understand why mowing is so important to the health of your lawn, you need to get down to lawn level and see what mowing really does.Grasses are like most plants – if you clip off the growing points, the plants…

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We at Snow White Professionals company are passionate in providing complete gardening services to the highest levels of presentation and professionalism.

Need gardening services in Kingston upon Thames and London? Let us take the strain of your garden, you sit back and enjoy your spare time. SW Professionals complete gardening service includes all aspects of garden maintenance and landscaping. We offer a year-round maintenance service to our customers, on a regular and irregular basis or just a one-off visit. When using our service, you can expect a cheerful team of trained and experienced professionals to arrive at your property. Our staff are well motivated and have an interest in making sure our customers are fully satisfied with the services we provide.

SW Professionals company speciality is revitalising garden landscapes, whether is a simple repair or a complete redesign. We work with you on a consultative basis to ensure that we personalise your outdoor. We undertake domestic digging, grass cutting and levelling of gardens. So, if your garden is not level, we can do it for you. If there are any trees that need to be cut, we can take care of it. You do not have to worry about weeds overtaking and ruining garden anymore, just give us a call and SW Professionals will come over and have the weeds removed for you.

Below are the services we provide:

Garden Maintenance

  • Lawn care
  • Border maintenance
  • Weed control
  • Hedges and Shrubs
  • Tidy and clearance
  • Planting
  • Hanging baskets, pots and troughs
  • Leafe clearance
  • Snow Clearance and drifting


  • Patios and Paths
  • Artificial grass
  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Garden structures
  • Turfing
  • Block paving
  • Planting
  • Pressure washing
Gardening Services

So, if you are looking for a gardener, look no further, we are your gardeners. We will be happy to work on any Kingston gardening job you might have.

Call us today for free no obligation quote.

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