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Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance should be used as a service all year round. However, as an extension of your home or business, it is essential to give your garden the attention it needs to keep it at its best no matter the season.

Large or small, joys and discoveries will be made in your garden throughout the year, even in the darkest winter months. So when maintaining your garden seems impossible, we will do it for you.

Snow White Gardeners are the experts in maintaining gardens in SW London & Surrey. We want to ensure that you can occupy and enjoy it any time of year, especially during spring and summer, when blossoms thrive.

Lawn Care

A lawn left to its own devices will soon become overgrown, full of weeds & moss. Our gardeners are trained to do everything from regular maintenance to one-off yearly scarifying, aerating and fertilising.

After Pest Repairs

All our gardens suffer from the unwanted attention of pests. If left unchecked, they can inflict severe damage on your plants. However, regular maintenance can prevent pest damage to your garden. That’s precisely what we are good at.

Plant Care

Plants will do what comes naturally, grow and set seed, and humans harvest the benefits of this cycle from flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Each stage has its beauty. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can ensure that your plants will get the best care year-round to bear the sweetest harvests.

Wisteria Care

The glorious lilac and white blooms of wisteria in spring are an annual treat. But whilst these climbing plants can be left to ramble year on year. Regularly maintaining and pruning these climbing plants twice a year will bring the best displays. We can help you make the most of your wisteria and ensure it’s at its best and ready to enjoy.

Decking and patio care

Our team undertake essential preventative maintenance to prevent wood rot and slippery unsightly paving. Such as, but not limited to, pressure washing of moss and algae build-up, deck oiling and treatment.

Garden Maintenance in Kingston upon Thames, SW London and Surrey by Snow White Professionals

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Lawn care

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