We offer professional hard floor cleaning services in Kingston upon Thames and Surrey

How our professional team performs the hard floor cleaning:

  1. Assessing the type of flooring to use to proper cleaning solutions and techniques.
  2. Moving all furniture that is needed. It is preferred for the furniture to be moved before technicians’ arrival, but they can help if this is the case.
  3. Vacuuming the floor and removing dust and dirt to prepare the surface.
  4. Testing a small area of the floor with a solution which technicians decided as the most appropriate.
  5. Spraying the rest of the hard flooring with the solution.
  6. If the floor is made from wood, the technicians will use drive pads. For non-wooden floors, they will scrub the solution into the floor.
  7. Rinsing the floor to remove the residue from the solution and the dirt it has collected.
  8. Drying of the area using a mop or rack.
  9. Applying a protection layer /only if needed/: seal, polish, wax

It takes only up to two hours for your floors to dry.

Slate and Stone Cleaning

Cleaning slate floors and other natural stone floor surfaces and restoring their protective qualities requires specialist knowledge and skill. 

With our commercial floor cleaning expertise, slate floor cleaning limestone cleaning and the restoration of stone floors like travertine and marble can often be achieved to a high standard without the need for invasive procedures like grinding and resurfacing. 

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hard wood cleaning and resealing protects the surface and ensures your wood floor remains in top condition. If left unchecked the surface protection will eventually wear off and may require complete wood floor restoration by means of sanding and sealing.

As specialist wood floor cleaning contractors, our services include floor polish stripping and removal of surface coatings, mechanical deep cleaning and floor restoration with application of sealers, polishes or oil.

Our hard floor cleaning team possess the knowledge and expertise to deliver high quality cleaning to your floors. Get your hard floor’s shine back – book your professional hard floor cleaning services today.

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